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Africa Region

The fifth session of the IOC’s Sub Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States stressed the importance of improving access to ocean data and information in the region and supported the development of a regional node for the Ocean InfoHub.  

IOCAFRICA’s contribution to OIH is available at IOC Africa

OIH has supported the development of a new online database for research vessels, expeditions and projects: https://ioc-africa.org/dbs/displayData.php

A new African Database of Marine Training Opportunities as an OIH node, has been established and populated with the support of co-financing from NORAD, and may be found at: https://africa.marinetraining.org/. It currently hosts details of over 270 courses from 18 countries.

A number of African partners are now discoverable through the Ocean InfoHub.

For more information and to get involved, please email info@oceaninfohub.org