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The Ocean InfoHub Project was designed to address the challenges and complexities of finding and sharing Ocean data and information online. 

This has been achieved through the development of the Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS). ODIS is not a new portal or centralised system under the control of a single authority, but a partnership of distributed, independent systems voluntarily sharing (meta)data and information along co-developed and clear conventions in the pursuit of common goals. These conventions are formalised and operationalised in the ODIS Architecture (ODIS-Arch) to allow existing and emerging ocean data and information systems, from any stakeholder, to interoperate with one another. This enables and accelerates more effective development and dissemination of digital technology and sharing of ocean data, information, and knowledge for sustainable development.

Access the ODIS documentation and training resources.

The Ocean InfoHub Project now supports a global network of distributed information and data resources related to the ocean. The Project has had a focus on co-design with three pilot regions in particular: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDs), to meet their unique user community requirements. The three regional nodes facilitate links to local, national, and regional digital systems and infrastructures.

Access the ODIS dashboard for a live view of nodes, or read about some of our partners.

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The Ocean InfoHub Project is coming to an end and is in process of transition to the IODE Programme Component ODIS. More information on the website of ODIS